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Tighe Cullinane
Certified - AFA*
(*American Farrier Association)
Cell: (703) 297-5139
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Services & Prices

  • Trimming - $40
  • 4 point trim (rx for cracked or diseased hooves) $50
  • Shoeing (steel - fronts only) - $100
  • Shoeing (steel - fronts & rears) - $160 with or without clips

  • aluminum shoes
  • glue-ons
  • pads
  • theraputic shoes

If your horse requires theraputic or corrective trimming/shoeing we will work with you and your veterinarian to ensure the perfect fit for your horse's hoof health.

We specialize in Draft horses
Experienced in:
  • Laminatic horses/ponies
  • Barefoot Natural Trimming
  • Natural Balance Shoes
  • Reverse Shoes
NEWS: We are now Authorized Dealers for the Renegade Hoof Boot.

Come to us for all your questions on boot fit, types, uses, and if they are right for your horse's...and your... needs. These are one of the best boots on the market, and are proving their reliability and toughness with the winning horses competing in some of the hardest and most prestigious Endurance rides in the US.
Click here to visit Renegade Hoof Boots website

Now accepting credit card payments

Please note: prices are subject to change

Call for appointment: (703) 297-5139

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